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Last Updated 09/18/04

Ratusha    Welcome to, a site dedicated to the Belarusian language.  Here you can find my current projects, which at the current time consists only of the text Fundamentals of Modern Belarusian.

    In order to write Fundamentals, I wrote a computer program that formed a concordance of the Belarusian language based on the books available from, and I intend to post the entire concordance to this site sometime (although it is quite large).  Another thing remaining for me to do is to post audio files of Belarusian speech on this site.

    There is much besides this that needs to be done.  If anyone is willing to contribute, the following need to be done.
Fundamentals of Modern Belarusian
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I've uploaded the rest of the transcriptions to the Culture section, and added translations for them.  There are some pretty interesting ones, so check it out!


I'm back to school, um, hurray? and I've finally got internet again.  I've typed up a bunch of the transcriptions that I was given by Prof. Rusak and uploaded them to the Culture section.  I'm sure it's full of mistakes, but they are interesting accounts.


Well, it's been a long time since anyone's sent me an email here.  Anyways, over the course of the summer, I've got the concordance filled out and uploaded, but it's still pretty raw.  I've also finished converting FofMB to HTML format, so now it really is open.
Anyways, today on the advice of a friend, I took a look at something called "belazar" but I have to say I'm a little sceptical of how its going to turn out.  Written for Windows X86, not GPL'd, and expecting a lot of contribution from the community...   Well, if it were GPL'd I sure would feel a lot better about it.  It actually has me thinking about how I would attack the problem...  am i challenging myself?  FofMB itself still isn't quite wrapped up, though it's close.


Special thanks to Rydel from for his help with FofMB.  Another list of corrections to improve the work.


Special thanks to Kern Lunde for the many corrections he sent me. I have updated FofMB with corrections to those typos and errors he pointed out.