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History of the Vyalikaya Vobryna village

    There, where now stands Vyalikaya Vobryna, in 1642 was a small tribe.  When property inequality started among the members of the tribe, an elder of the tribe was chosen - Del Obrynski.  The village was placed near a gravesite, and the house, in which the elder lived, stood behind where the village now stands.  People settled there, and with each year the village grew bigger and bigger.  The village was named after the elder Obrynski.  It was much bigger in comparison with the surrounding villages.  Later, the village was moved to the current place with the intention of making a straight line, as a canal had been dug from Skorych to Yaremichy for connecting with the Nyoman, along which grain was transported to Yaremichy, and from there to Germany.  Later, the famous prince Vashtein was here, who ruled part of Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania.  Later rule went into the hands of colonel Vyatski, a relative of Vashtein.  After a few years, Kashyts appeared from Austria.  He was a good aquaintance of Raetski.  Kashyts distributed great gifts to the villagers.  One time, soldiers of the Tsar's army passed by this region, they were looking on the map for a village called Dobryna, but in their own manner called it Vobryna.  From this time the village began to be called "Vyalikaya Vobryna."  Soon an order was given about the villagers dividing up the land.  The villagers had the right to own land, pastures, meadows, but they didn't have rights to the master's forest and hay.  They organized riots over the injustices, carried out on them by the nobles.  The conscienceness of the villagers awakened.  In our region, there was cutting down of the master's forests.  The villagers willfully pastured cattle in the master's meadows.  In 1926 Kashyts died, the estate transfered into the hands of the son - Feliks.  In 1939 Western Belarus combined with Eastern, in consequence of which Soviet authority was established.  In January of 1949, the villagers of our village formed a collective farm, creating a single brigade.  Vyalikaya Vobryna belongs to the U. Z. Tsaruk collective farm.