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Love song "Lyonya"

Oh cornflowers, cornflowers,
Many of you I pick in the field.
There near the very river,
Jan gathered them for Lyonya.
Lyonya picked a cornflower,
And bowed her head low.
Dear, see my cornflower
floats and doesn't sink.
Lyonya loved the river,
And she did not fear storms,
Often for entire nights,
She rode in the boat with her dear.
Dear took her in his arms,
And looked in blue eyes,
and without end kissed
the thin pale cheeks.
Once dear asked her
To ride in the boat that night,
Lyonya was willing,
He helped her get into the boat.
Silently they sat together,
The boat floated by itself.
And in the lake danger
Threatened Lyonya all around.
Suddenly Dear pulled out a sharp dagger,
He bent low over her.
Lyonya closed her eyes,
A blue wreath fell from her arms.
In the morning came the fishermen,
They found Lyonya in the water,
An inscription on her chest,
That love had destroyed Lyonya.

(Laman, A.V., 90 years old, Boutsichy village)