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Вясельная песня [Вось на гары...]

Marriage song [There on the hill...]

There on the hill is an inn, (2x)
In that inn an innkeeper,
Not an innkeeper, but a widow. (2x)
Let us the barn,
For our horses to stand, (2x)
For our brothers to relax.
At a quiet table, (2x)
A writer writes everything with a pen.
About a rich merchant.
And the rich merchant had a good daughter, (2x)
And the little thing grew up.
She pursued every caprice,
And bought a colt,
She left to marry abroad on Polish Street,
To choose there a fine fellow, (2x)
So that a good face, (2x)
So that I loved him. (2x)
Cheese, butter I fed,
Cheese, butter, curd, (2x)
Yes a wheat pastry.
I will send him a bed, (2x)
Me in three rows of pillows,
A fourth featherbed,
Near the side a girl.

(Laman A.V., 90 years old, Boutsichy village)