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“Раней мы много песень...”

       * * *

    Earlier we sang lots of songs.  While young we still would sit, open the windows and sing.  It came out beautifully, as soon as we'd start to sing.  But this was long ago, I havn't really sung for 15 years.  I had a great tragedy.  My son died at 27, three years later my husband died.  Oh, hit was so hard for me.  I suffered my whole life.  My mother also died, yes she knew many songs.  But I almost forgot, that Kalintsya sang well.  And now I live alone in this house.  And not even anyone to talk with.  But Kalintsya was fun, she loved to talk, to sing with her neighbors.  Its hard, but what can one do: one has to live.

(Stankevich, Nina Alyaksandrauna, n 1938, Yaremichy village)