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    This master wouldn't touch anything in the world, they were a supervisor.  The master was why the fly flies.  He was a bachlor, unmarried.  We were already living there when his mother died.  My mother then interred, washed, cleaned up, and dressed her.  Then for the last rites the priest came, so he had to be met with song, a religious one.  She died, just the same, the simple women went, washed her, gathered up everything, dressed and buried her.
    She had two sons.  There was a second, but that one rode horses and in Turkey he was killed falling off his horse.  That guy loved to ride around the villages, with other guys, being young.  And he rode the horse somehow there, the horse stumbled, or something, and he fell and was killed.  He wasn't married.  Unmarried, one and the other.

(Dzyashenko, Ksaveryy Kazimiravich, n 1920, Dzyashenko, Sof'ya Stsyapanauna, n 1921, Pershamayski settlement).