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    So I worked for the landlord.  Maybe 12-13 years I plowed for the landlord.  You still don't lift the plow, roughly.  My brother was a draftsman, pretty much so, for the landlord, it was like in the collective farm.  So I go to work, they tell me "Take a pair of horses, harness up and go plow, or haul bushels, or do whatever."  Well, just like in the collective farm, the same thing.  And from the village they would come, work, from Novaye Syalo, and from Paharelki we come here for the landlord.  He assigns you to break flax and so however many days you work on that, they give so much land.  But for this land, for all this one has to work so many days.

(Dzyashenko, Ksaveryy Kazimiravich, n. 1920, Dzyashenko, Sof'ya Ctsyapanauna, n. 1921, Pershamayski settlement).