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    You go to him for work, he pays you.  Just like on the collective farm, like the collective farm.  We didn't live badly with the master, whoever didn't have land at all would come here to serve.  Here there were quarters.  Complete apartments and everything, and firewood.  There was no need to buy firewood, we'll go and get firewood, and he'll pay you, and also we'll throw off some firewood for ourselves.  It'll burn, and we'll bring some again, and for ourselves too, and the master will pay you for this, that you go and bring firewood, and for yourself too.  Whoever works, he will always live.  This is true, that how you work, so you eat, how you don't work, so also in the collective farm is this - just as you didn't go, so you didn't get any work.

(Dzyashenko, Ksaveryy Kazimiravich, n. 1920, Dzyashenko, Sof'ya Stsyapanauna, n. 1921, Pershamayski settlement)