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History of the Malaye Vobryna village

    Many years ago, where we now live, there lived our ancestors.  They didn't live all together, like we do now, but in clumps.  Enemies began to invade their lands.  For protection, they had to unite in order to resist the enemy.  After coming together, they chose an elder, who was named Del Obrynski.  Then our ancestors began to work the land.  They worked the land with wooden implements.  Our ancestors lived in dug-outs.  The more time that passed, the better culture began to develop.  Our ancestors began to build cottages.  A cottage would have only one window and a small one at that, and the stove wouldn't have a chimney.  Over the course of time a village appeared, which they called "Vyalikaya Vobryna."  It was called this, because it appeared first and took up a large area, and also because much more land became the style.
    They began to build Vyalikaya Vobryna and the village reached a large size.  Elder Del Obrynski had to divide the village into two parts.  The smaller part of the village he gave over to his son and called it Malaya Vobryna.  After a while Obrynski died, and in his place was Rayetski.  He took over Malaya Vobryna as well.  Playing in cards, Rayetski lost his estate to Dzedzin, who was our master until the revolution.  In 1948 in Malaya Vobryna, the collective farm "Kraina Savetau" was formed.  Now the village is included in the U.Z. Tsaruk Collective Farm.

Country of Soviets