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History of the Yaremichy village

    Yaremichy was founded by Yarmalay.  Yarmalay was the brother-in-law of the father of Kanstantsin Rayetski (the landowner), from whom Kashyts purchased the estate.  Yarmalay first chose this place for building a water station.  Because of this, his beloved brother-in-law called it Yaremichy.  At that time Yaremichy was one of the best places for building a water station because the river Nyoman flowed past here.  The water station served for shipping grain, wheat to the Baltics, Kletsk, and other cities.  On the bank stood brick buildings, which were called [...]
    In the winter, grain was brought here by horses from distant parts of the region.  Grain was brought from Nyasvizh, Haradzeya, Staubtsy, Slabodka, and other cities.
    From a few cottages, a small hamlet grew up, which was located on the bank of the river.  The community began to grow large.  Because of the invasion of the Tatars, Yaremichy was completely leveled and ruined.  After the expulsion of the Tatars, there began the settlement of this village by various peoples: Tatars, Russians, Swedes, Jews.  At this time the church was built.
    Earlier on this place there was a gravesite with a small chapel.  The graves were demolished the church established in their place.  According to data, the establishment of the church coincides with the 2nd division of Poland.  In honor of this, a bell was poured for the bell-tower with the year 1772 and the inscription: III division Rechy Paspalitay.  The inscription was done in the Polish language.
    The water station from this time lost its former significance, since the Nyasvizh-Staubtsy-Hrodna railroad was built.  For convenience in speaking, the local inhabitants renamed Yaromichy to Yaremichy.