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Funny Song

The pigeon sits on the oak,
The dove on the shed.
Come to me dear,
You and I will sleep in the shed.

Oh you darling, oh dove,
You and I will sleep in the shed.
No-one will notice.

Her dear stomps - trousers split,
A button tore off,
So why did you to me,
Dearest, attach yourself?

My darling stomped,
Her skirt split,
She wanted to tie up,
Yes she knew from where to start.

And dear leads darling under a bush,
And dear gives darling a cucumber.
And dear places darling in a sack,
Sit, my darling, and tied up is the sack.

(Burets, Maryya Faminichna, age 78, Vyalikaya Vobryna village)